Artificial Intelligence Changes the Face of Financial Sector

  • 7 Maret 2024
  • Lintas Sektor
  • Online


A new wave of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently sweeping across global industries and is the catalyst for transformation. For the financial sector, the emergence of AI presents new opportunities in the form of risk assessment, data analysis, customer experience, fraud detection and more effective decision making, but it also presents new challenges that banks will have to manage.


 This session will examine:

  1. An introduction to AI: what is it and how does it work?
  2. ChatGPT: how is it evolving and where could it lead
  3. Exploring the AI opportunities in financial services
  4. Examining the potential risks associated with AI
  5. The Emergence of AI being adopted in the Singapore/Asia Fintech scene
  6. Evaluating the benefits of AI
  7. How industries can encourage AI Adoption

Providing participants with an understanding of the opportunities and challenges of utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in risk assessment, data analysis and customer experience, fraud detection, and more effective decision-making.

Pimpinan dan Pegawai OJK, Perwakilan Industri Jasa Keuangan, Akademisi dan Masyarakat Umum
  • Jason Tay (Head of Commercial, StraitsX)
  • Niels Pedersen (Author of Financial Technology: Case Studies in Fintech Innovation)