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"A house without books is like a room without windows."

 - Horace Mann -

Let's use OJK Institute Digital Library Collection


01. eLibrary OJK

OJK eLibrary is an application system for managing collections such as physical books, digital books, and internal collections at OJK, which can be accessed online by OJK employees and the public. The OJK eLibrary is a strategic support unit in the field of learning and implementing research processes in the context of making regulations and supporting the implementation of OJK duties. In addition, the collection of the OJK eLibrary is expected to increase the competency development of human resources in the Financial Services Sector and increase the literacy of the Indonesian people.

OJK eLibrary collection:

Physical Books

Physical books consist of a collection of printed books in the fields of finance, law, management, information technology, economics, banking, auditing, accounting, and so on.


Digital Collection

Digital collections are online collections in the form of books, bulletins, reports, and so on published by the OJK and from outside the OJK.


Internal Collection

Internal collections are collections published/owned by both work units and employees within the OJK which can be read online.



E - resource

E-resource is a collection that can be accessed and read online from institutions that have collaborated with the OJK eLibrary.


Please access the OJK eLibrary site at the following link: elibrary.ojk.go.id

02. Aplikasi eBook OJK (ElibOJK)

ElibOJK is an application to read ebook collections via android devices on Google Playstore and via desktop which can be downloaded via https://ojkdigitallibrary.moco.co.id/. The ebook collections consists of various categories including religion, architecture, language, biographies, business, economics and finance, law, and so on.

ElibOJK already has 1989 ebooks consisting of various categories including religion, architecture, language, biographies, business, economics and finance, law etc. (*) collection as of December 2021

Some features of this application

  • Do an ebook search on the collections menu
  • Choose a book by category
  • Borrow 3 books/day, one book is active for 3 days
  • Chat with fellow users who have registered
  • Make book recommendations to other users, etc.

Please download the application at the following linkojkdigitallibrary.moco.co.id


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