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Job Training Program (Internship)


Job Training Program (Internship) at Otoritas Jasa Keuangan

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) opens the opportunity for the Field Work Practice Program (PKL) for outstanding students.

Requirements and Procedures:

  1. The application must be submitted at least 2 months before the implementation time.
  2. OJK will provide confirmation via e-mail at least 1 month before the time of the PKL implementation.
  3. The implementation of street vendors at OJK is for work units, including general/administrative and not confidential.
  4. The duration of the implementation of street vendors is at least 1 month to d. 2 months (adjusted to the needs of OJK) and following the provisions of the working hours of OJK employees, namely:
    1. Days               : Monday - Friday
    2. Time.              : Pukul 07.10 s.d. 16.15 WIB
  5. The applicant submits the following required documents:
    1. University/School Cover Letter (addressed to the Director of Financial Services Sector Development)
    2. Curriculum Vitae with photos
    3. Internship Application Form which can be downloaded hereFormulir Permohonan PKL.docx
  6. All required documents are scanned and submitted via e-mail:  by including the title: OJK PKL Application_(Period)_(Full Name)_(Department)_(University/School) Example: Application for OJK PKL_Nikola Tesla_S1 Economics_University of Indonesia


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