Administrative Sanctions on PT Maseri Aset Manajemen

September 22, 2023

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​Indonesia Financial Services Authority herewith announces the results of the formal investigation in the case of violations of Capital Market regulations by PT Maseri Aset Manajemen. 

Considering the facts and information obtain​ed during the formal investigation, on September 20, 2023 Indonesia Financial Services Authority imposed Business Licence Revocation on PT Maseri Aset Manajemen as Investment Manager for being proven to violate Capital Market Regulation and PT Maseri Aset Manajemen fulfilled the following conditions as mentioned in the provisions of number 7 letter a point 2) jo. letter f point 1) letter a), letter b), letter c), and letter d Regulation Number V.A.3 Attachment to the Decree of the Chairman of Bapepam and LK Number Kep479/BL/2009 dated 31 December 2009 concerning Licensing of Securities Companies Conducting Business Activities as Investment Managers as follows:

  1. office not found;

  2. within a period of 2 (two) consecutive years does not carry out business activities as an Investment Manager;

  3. did not have employees to carry out Investment Manager functions;

  4. unable to comply with the Specific Action Order; and

  5. did not submit periodic reports to OJK since June 2020. 

Following the revocation of the business license as Investment Manager mentioned above, PT Maseri Aset Manajemen:

  1. is prohibited from conducting business activities as Investment Manager;

  2. is required to settle all obligations to customers in the business activities as an Investment Manager, (if any);

  3. is required to complete all obligations to OJK regarding administrative sanction in the form of monetary penalty through System Information Penerimaan OJK or SIPO (if any);

  4. is required to execute dissolution of the Securities Company no later than 180 (one hundred and eighty) days after this decision letter is stipulated, as regulated in Article 46 paragraph (1) and paragraph (2) of the Financial Services Authority Regulation Number 3/POJK.04/2021 concerning Organizing Activities in the Capital Market Sector; and

  5. is prohibited to use the name and logo of the Company for any purposes and activities, other than for activities related to the dismissal of the Limited Liability Company.

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