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Towards Sustainable and Inclusive Growth: Challenges amidst the Global Turbulence
(Annual Bankers’ Dinner, 23th November 2012)

Governor of Bank Indonesia, Dr. Darmin Nasution, delivered his speech during a dinner held at the central bank’s historic Chandra room. Among the participants are the country’s prominent bankers, heads of institutions, ministers, and members of parliament. Governor Nasution highlighted challenges and optimism faced by the nation, amidst the prolonged global crises.

The significance of the new normal in the global economy and financial markets are discussed. Several new banking policies are outlined. The policies have objective of shaping the banking in particular and financial industries at large to become stronger and more efficient, paving the way towards an economy with sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

The 2013 economic outlook is also summarized. Indonesian economy is expected to remain vigilant during 2013 with growth potentially reaching 6.7% and inflation rate is held steady and low at 4.5%. The central bank’s chief is also emphasizing the importance of transforming the structure of the economy from resource-based to innovation-based, in which technology and human capital plays vital role and emerging middle-class along with flourishing small and medium enterprises as the backbone.

More on the speech can be downloaded here.

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