PT Gadai Rejeki Mandiri Business License

April 5, 2024
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​The Financial Services Authority (OJK) has granted Business License for Pawnshop Company PT Gadai Rejeki Mandiri KEP-21/KO.17/2024 on March 28, 2024. The granting of the business license is effective since the date of the business license is issued by the Board of Commissioners of Indonesia Financial Service Authority.

In accordance with the provisions of Article 16 of the Financial Services Authority Regulation Number 31/POJK.05/2016 (“POJK 31/2016”) concerning Pawn Business, PT Gadai Rejeki Mandiri is required to include clear description/information at each office or outlet as follows:

  1. Name and/or logo of the company;

  2. Business license number and date as well as a statement that the company is under OJK supervision;

  3. Operational days and hours; and

  4. Loan interest rates or fees/returns for Pawnshop Company that carry out its business activities based on Sharia Principles, and administrative costs.

In addition, based on article 11 paragraph (1) of POJK 31/2016, PT Gadai Rejeki Mandiri is also required to operate its business activities no later than 30 (thirty) business days since the date of the business license is issued​.​

We urge the public to use the services of pawnshop companies who are licensed by OJK. 

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