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bBased on Law No. 21 Year 2011 on the Financial Services Authority (FSA), the FSA was formed and based on the principles of the principles of good governance, which include independence, accountability, responsibility, transparency, and fairness (fairness).

FSA in carrying out its duties and powers are based on the following principles:

  1. the principle of independence, which is independent in decision making and implementation of the functions, duties, and authority of the FSA, to stay within the laws and regulations in force;
  2. the principle of legal certainty, the principle of the constitutional state that promotes the cornerstone of legislation and policy administration of justice in any Financial Services Authority;
  3. the principle of public interest, namely the principle that defends and protects the interests of consumers and society and promote the general welfare;
  4. the principle of openness, namely the principle that opening up to the public's right to obtain correct, honest, and do not discriminate on the implementation of the Financial Services Authority, with due regard to the protection of human rights individuals and groups, as well as state secrets, including confidential as defined in the regulations -invitation; ?
  5. the principle of professionalism, namely the principle that prioritizes expertise in the implementation of the tasks and authority of the Financial Services Authority, while based on the code of ethics and provisions of laws and regulations;
  6. the principle of integrity, the principle of which cling to moral values in every action and decision taken in the implementation of the Financial Services Authority; and
  7. the principle of accountability, which is the principle which determines that each of the activities and the final results of each activity the implementation of the Financial Services Authority should be accountable to the public.


Principles and principles is in line with the disclosure as contained in Act 14 of 2008 on Public Information (KIP).


FSA to open up to the public's right to obtain public information about the implementation of the FSA, with due regard to the protection of human rights of individuals and groups, as well as state secrets, including confidential as defined in the legislation.


The public can obtain information via the website FSA also provides Public Info menu to facilitate and speed up the search of data and information.


In addition, the public can obtain public information through the following means:

  1. Documentation and Information Management Officer (PPID) FSA, to request data and information that is not available on the FSA website;
  2. FSA Consumer Services, to requests for information and complaints relating to the characteristics of the financial services sector, services, and products;
  3. Contact the FSA, for more information.




PPID FSA established based on the Law No.14 of 2008 on Openness of Public information (KIP). With the formation of the FSA PPID, applicant information in accordance with their rights can obtain public information generated by the FSA in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 14 of 2008.


FSA PPID address:

Ministry of Communications and International FSA

PPID Coordinator FSA

Sumitro Djojohadikusomo Building 2nd Floor

Jl. Lapangan Banteng Timur 2-4

Jakarta 10710

Tel: 021-2960 0000




The applicant can obtain information about public information produced by the FSA following the applicable procedures.

To obtain information, it is very easy with a variety of options:

  1. Send by email to
  2. Come directly to the Department of Information, Communications Directorate FSA
  3. Fill out the information request form (click here​).
  4. Send a letter corresponding information application form (download application form information). Letters can be sent to the address FSA PPID or emailed to

Your request for information will be answered within a maximum of 10 Business Days (HK). If necessary, it can be extended 7 HK accordance with the Freedom of Information Law.



Consumers and the public can submit requests for information or complaints relating to the characteristics of the financial services sector, services, and products to the FSA through means that include:

a.    Written Letters

The written letter addressed to:

Member of the Board of Commissioners Financial Services Authority

Field of Education and Consumer Protection

Radius Prawiro Tower, 2nd Floor

Bank Indonesia Office Complex

Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 2

Central Jakarta 10350

b.     Phone

Phone: 157

Operating hours: Monday to Friday,  08.00 until 17.00  (Except Holidays)

c.     E-mail

Requests for information and complaints can be submitted via email to the address:

d.    Online Complaint Form

Consumers or the public can submit complaints through an electronic form available at the address



(Tel: 021-2960 0000, INFORMATION SERVICES)


If you need an explanation of the FSA by means of telephone communication, please contact FSA at the phone number:


021-2960 0000

Operational hour: Monday to Friday at 07.30 until 16.00


For those of you who want to visit the FSA to ask directly about the functions and duties of the FSA or any other public about the FSA. You can visit:​

Directorate of Communication FSA

Information Service

Sumitro Djojohadikusomo Building, 2nd Floor

Jl. Lapangan Banteng Timur 2-4

Jakarta 10710

Tel: 021-2960 0000



Operational hour:

Monday to Friday, at 07.30 until 16.00

Public Information

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