Announcement of Finalists of Call for Papers on Non-Bank Financial Industry 2016

Oct 3 2016


The panel of judges have reviewed, assessed, and considered all papers submitted by participants who had satisfied the administrative requirements. The panel has selected seven finalists who are eligible to become one of the six winners of "Call for Papers on Non-Bank Financial Industry 2016: Reinforcing the Non-Bank Financial Industry through Quality Regulations and Innovations in Financial Products and Services." The candidates and their papers are listed below:


Paper TitlesAuthors
Cluster Ensemble and Expert System Analyses as Alternative Methods for Designing Regulations for the Non-Bank Financial Industry (IKNB)
  • Hasna Afifah Rusyda
  • Fithria Siti Hanifah


Using Longevity Bonds as Hedging Instruments for Life Insurance Companies and Pension Funds in Indonesia      Elsa Puspa Silvia
Applying Case-Based Reasoning Method for Accelerating Acceptance and Improving General Insurance Services
  • M. Faza Firdaus
  • Anissa Siti Rahma
Financial Counseling Services towards Quality IKNB Growth
  • Pelipus E. Patandi
  • Evi Octavia
  • Annisa Wulandhani
Providing Microfinance Services using Mobile Money Platform      Fikrian Hadi
Reinforcing IKNB by Regulating OJK Authority to File Suits      Uswatun Hasanah
Initiating National Program for  Accelerating Peer-to-Peer Lending Industry's Growth:   Strategy for Strengthening IKNB
  • Bagas Setiaji
  • Bramantya Harimurti
  • Triana


To allow the judges to select the first until the sixth winners, the finalists are required to present their papers in Jakarta on the date set by the Competition Committee. The committee will contact the finalists for further details on the presentation event.

The panel of judges' decisions on the winners will be final and binding and cannot be challenged or contested.

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