Procedures for Extending WPEE and WPPE Licenses

Apr 14 2016


Financial Services Authority, Jakarta, April 14, 2016: In accordance with provisions in Financial Services Authority Regulation (POJK) No. 27/POJK.04/2014 on Licensing of Underwriter Representatives and Broker-Dealer Representatives, please be informed about the following matters:

1. In accordance with the POJK stated above, all Underwriter Representative (WPEE) and Broker-Dealer Representative (WPPE) license holders are required to apply for license extension to the OJK. For those who received their licenses before November 19, 2014, they can extend their licenses from August 19 to November 18, 2016.

2. For any WPEE and WPPE license holders who received their licenses before November 19, 2014, but do not extend their licenses during the indicated period, their WPEE and WPPE licenses will be declared invalid since November 19, 2016.

3. For any WPEE and WPPE license holders who received their licenses on November 19, 2014, onwards, they are required to apply for extension by 90 (ninety) days at the latest before their licenses expire, which are 2 (two) years from the dates when Decisions on their licenses are promulgated.

4. Requirements for the extension can be found in POJK No. 27/POJK.04/2014, which is available at OJK website

5. Provisions concerning requirements on how to join relevant associations and attend the Advanced Professional Education Program (PPL) refer to a Circular Letter to be issued by the OJK. Prior to issuance of the Circular Letter, both requirements above shall not be mandatory for WPEE and WPPE license extension.

6. For holders of WPEE and WPPE licenses that are no longer valid, they can reapply to obtain such licenses in accordance with the new procedures as regulated by POJK No. 27/POJK.04/2014.

7. Those who wish to apply for, or extend their WPEE and WPPE licenses may do so by accessing the e-licensing system at OJK website.

For more information, please contact:

WPELE (Securities Firm Representatives and Securities Agencies) Supervision Department

Tel: 62 21 2960 0000 ext. 6304 (Mr. Arie, Mr. Yonan, and Mrs. Flora) 

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