Circular Letter Number 14/31/DPNP

Oct 3 2012
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1. The completion of this Bank Indonesia Circular represents a follow-up action for the promulgation of Bank Indonesia Regulation Number 14/12/PBI/2012, dated 15th October 2012, and aims to create uniformity when compiling and submitting Commercial Bank Head Office Reports.

2. The specifics of this Bank Indonesia Circular include reporting guidelines as well as technical instructions regarding the reporting application, in particular relating to the following reports:
1) cash flow projections;
2) bank activity as a sales agent for non-Bank products, including:
a. bancassurance;
b. mutual funds; and
c. international financial products.
3) bank transactions through delivery channel e-banking;
4) structured products;
5) executive officers;
6) the office network;
7) bank published financial reports; and
8) bank human resources report.

3. This Bank Indonesia Circular shall become effective on 1st November 2012.


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