Press Release: OJK Lists PT Indonesia Pondasi Raya, Tbk Share on Sharia Securities List

Nov 30 2015
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Financial Services Authority, Jakarta, November 30, 2015: Financial Services Authority (OJK) has issued OJK Board of Commissioners Decision on stipulation about PT Indonesia Pondasi Raya, Tbk share as Sharia Securities. With the issuance of this decision, the share is now listed on the Sharia Securities List as stipulated in OJK Board of Commissioners Decision on Sharia Securities List.

The issuance of this decision is a follow-up measure taken after evaluating result of OJK`s examination on the fulfillment of Sharia securities criteria, which had been conducted to review registration statement submitted by PT Indonesia Pondasi Raya, Tbk. Materials for the examination include document of registration statement and other supporting data in the form of written information obtained from the issuer and other reliable parties.

OJK periodically conducts a review on Sharia Securities List based on mid-year financial report and annual financial report from the issuer or public listed company. Review on Sharia Securities List is also conducted if there is an issuer or public listed company whose registration statement becomes effective and fulfils Sharia securities criteria, or if there is any corporate action, information or fact from an issuer or public listed company that may cause fulfillment or non-fulfillment of Sharia securities criteria.

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