Launching of OJK-PROKSI and International Seminar. Jakarta, March 15-16 2016

Mar 28 2016


​OJK-PROKSI is designed to become a reputable international microfinance and inclusion center that supports domestic and global poverty alleviation programs through the amplification of microfinance contribution to the increased access to finance. The Center support knowledge development and provide affordable learning platform on microfinance and inclusion for policy/decision makers, business and financial practitioners, academics, global communities and other relevant stakeholders, through learning, resources, and collaborations.

This Center was launched in conjunction with international Seminar titled: "Bringing Indonesia's Microfinance and Financial Inclusion to the world". This seminar was aimed to discuss the Indonesia's vast practical experience in microfinance as well as challenges and opportunities in advancing an integrated development of Microfinance and Financial Inclusion.

15 Maret 2016

Indonesia Microfinance Overview 2015OJK Deputy Comissioner Banking Supervision I
Microfinance 11032016 - Bp. Mulya E. Siregar.pdf
OJK Deputy Comissioner NBFI Supervision I
Mr. Kelly Bird, ADB
Microfinance Regulatory Framework in Indonesia: Banking and Microfinance Institutions Perspective

Edy Setiadi,

OJK Deputy Comissioner NBFI Supervision

Microfinance Policy and Regulation: International Best PracticeRoberto Akyuwen
Materi Pak Roberto.pdf
Policy and Regulation for Cooporatives DevelopmentDeputy Ministry of Cooperative and SME
BAHAN DEPUTY_OJK 15032016.pdf
Supervision and Regulation of Microfinance Institutions in Indonesia

Mrs. Naomi,

OJK Microfinance Institutions Unit

supervision and regulation nonbank MFIs by OJK.pdf

Microcredit in Banking SectorMr. Mohammad Irfan, BRI
Presentasi Pak Irfan Micro Credit final.pdf
Good Corporate Governance Practices in MicrofinanceMr. Moez Miaoui, IFC
IFC Moez Miaoui OJK March15.pdf
Good Credit Info Sharing and Responsible Finance Practices in MicrofinanceMs. Sakshi Varma, IFC
OJK INternational Seminar - presentation by Sakshi Varma IFC.pdf

16 Maret 2016

Islamic Microinsurance/ Islamic Finance Regulatory and Policy Framework

Mr. Muchlasin,

Director of Sharia Non Banking Financial Industry (NBFI)– OJK  Microinsurance in Indonesia.pdf

IFAD Experience on Microinsurance in Agriculture

Mr. Ron Hartman,

International fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Microfinance Product Diversification

Ms. Hamed Yousra,

International Labour Organization (ILO)

OJK Seminar -Yousra HAMED- ILO - Linking financial to non financial services.pdf

Islamic Microfinance Products and Schemes

Dr. Obaidullah,

Islamic Development Bank Group(IDB)


The National Strategy for Financial Inclusion in Indonesia

Mr. Iwan Faidi,

Assistant Deputy Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs

CMEA-IF 16 March 2016 OJK revisi.pdf

The Development of Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion Policy: Indonesia FSA's Perspective

Mrs. Kusumaningtuti,

OJK Commisioner in charge of Consumer Education and Protection 

Digital Financial Inclusion in Indonesia

Mr. Ricky Satria,  

Deputy Director

Bank Indonesia Transformation Program

Electronification & Financial Inclusion Group


Digital Financial Inclusion - OJK.pdf

Financial Inclusion for Farmers: SAFIRA Project Experience

Mr. Clay O'Brien,

Department of foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)/ SAFIRA Project

Presentation to OJK Conference_Clay O'Brien_March 2016_v2.pdf

Poverty reduction through financial inclusion

Mr. Elan Satriawan,

National Team for the Acceleration of Poverty Reduction (TNP2K)

Poverty Alleviation through Financial Inclusion - March 2016.pdf

International Best Practices on Policy and Regulation in Financial Inclusion: Case Studies in the Asian RegionMr. Arup Chatterjee,  Asian Development Bank (ADB) 
Digital Economy as a tool for Financial Inclusion Mr. Ariel Wolanow, International Business  Machines Corporation (IBM)
International Best Practise on Policy and Regulation in Financial InclusionMr. Isaku Endo, World Bank Group

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