Press Release: OJK Collaborates With Indonesia Statistics, Conducts National Survey of Financial Literacy and Inclusion

Jan 30 2024
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Yogyakarta, January 30, 2024​. Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK) collaborates with Indonesia Statistics (BPS) in conducting National Survey of Financial Literacy and Inclusion (SNLIK) 2024 in all provinces, starting from January to February 2024.

OJK and BPS' collaboration is expected to ensure the quality and accuracy of the preparation, data collection, and survey results calculation process in illustrating the current public financial literacy and inclusion condition from the index.

Chief Executive of Market Conduct Supervision, Education, and Consumer Protection of OJK Friderica Widyasari Dewi and Acting Chairman of BPS Amalia Adininggar Widyasanti attended the witnessing of SNLIK in the Sleman Regency and Kulon Progo Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Tuesday.

Friderica explained that the substance of SNLIK conducted with BPS, measures five matters: knowledge, skills, beliefs, attitudes and behavior of the people upon the financial products and services.

“This is a mandate given to OJK to provide literacy and education to the people. Therefore, from this survey, we can see how the people understand and perceive financial products and services, also how it will be in the future," said Friderica.

Furthermore, Friderica also appreciated the collaboration between OJK and BPS in conducting the survey.

“So previously, OJK has conducted the survey independently for four times. This is a historical moment for us, since this is the first time the survey is conducted with collaboration with BPS," she added.

Amalia also expressed her hopes in conducting the National Survey of Financial Literacy and Inclusion 2024.

“This is the very first survey BPS has ever conducted in collaboration with OJK, since BPS contributes to measure independently the financial literacy in Indonesia, especially because the financial literacy program is a national program. This is a collaboration between BPS and OJK, and we hope the data usage from SNLIK in the national scale can be used to depict the financial literacy and inclusion rate in Indonesia," said Amalia.

Amalia added that the survey was conducted with the objective of becoming an evaluation for policymakers on the public financial literacy and inclusion, and how the financial literacy and inclusion can be prepared in the future.

SNLIK's witnessing aims to ensure the survey data is collected properly and correctly by Field Data Collector (PPL). Witnessing is done by all OJK Office in each provincial region to preserve SNLIK 2024 data collection.

SNLIK 2024 data is collected throughout January 17 until February 5, 2024, in 34 provinces, including 120 cities/regencies, 8 KOJK regions, with a total of 1,080 Census Blocks (BS).

A total of 374 Field Data Collectors (PPL) and 120 Field Examiner Officers (PML) will collect data directly/ on field, using Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) application. Each PPL is responsible of 2 to 3 BS regions, assisted by a PML.

Previously, SNLIK is carried out every three years by OJK, starting in 2013 and recently in 2022. The survey is conducted as a form of evaluation and mapping of public financial literacy and inclusion in Indonesia.

However, the Presidential Decree Number 114 of 2020 on National Survey of Financial Inclusion (SNKI) targets 90 percent Indonesia financial inclusion by 2024. This will become OJK's background to conduct National Survey of Financial Literacy and Inclusion in 2024, to know the public financial literacy and inclusion index in Indonesia in 2023.

To achieve this target, OJK massively holds financial educations and literacies with all stakeholders, including banks, capital market, insurance, pension fund, financing, et cetera. Additionally, OJK and Regional Government have also prepared and implemented financial inclusion programs through Regional Financial Access Acceleration Team (TPAKD). The overall program aims to develop literate, educated, and protected community in Indonesia.




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