Press Release: Investment Alert Task Force at End of Year Urges Public to Beware of 21 Entities' Operation

Dec 14 2017
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SP 4/SWI/2017


Jakarta, December 14, 2017. The Task Force for Handling Alleged Unlawful Acts involving Public Funds Collection and Investment Management (the Investment Alert Task Force) urges the public to be careful with the products or the operation of 21 entities that it identified this December.

Investment Alert Task Force Tongam L Tobing said that they issued such warning given the entities had no license for offering any products and investments, which could inflict financial losses on the public as they promised returns or profits that were too good to be true.

As part of its continuous efforts to protect consumers and the public, the Investment Alert Task Force calls on the public to be careful with offers and products from the following 21 entities:

No.EntitiesHead OfficesBusiness activities
1.PT Ayudee Global NusantaraSurakarta and DepokDigital marketing for Ayudee beauty products
2.PT Indiscub Ziona RipavKelapa Gading, JakartaMobile application for phone credit and flight tickets purchase
3.PT Monspace Mega IndonesiaMedan



4.PT Raja Walet Indonesia/RajawaliSragen, Central JavaSelling Blackwalet facial soap
5.CV Usaha Mikro IndonesiaKotabaru, Jambi

Offering provision of

sembako (staple fooods)

6.IFC Markets CorpUnknownOnline forex trading
7.Tifia Markets LimitedVanuatuForex trading platform
8.AlpariMauritiusFutures broker
9.Forex Time LimitedUnknownForex trading platform
10.FX Primus Id  UnknownOnline forex broker
11.FBS-Indonesia  UnknownOnline forex broker
12.XM Global LimitedBelize, California (USA)Forex trading platform
13.AyrexUnknownBinary option broker
14.Helvetia Equity Aggregator

Kuala Lumpur,


Asset management
15.PT Bitconnect Coin Indonesia/BitconnectCengkareng, BantenBuying and selling bitconnect coins
16.Ucoin CashUnknownOffering investments in Ucoin
17.ATM Smart CardUnknownOffering ATM card products
18.The Peterson GroupKuningan, JakartaAsset management

PT Grand Nest Production/PT

GNP Corporindo

Banyuwangi and Tabanan (Bali) RegenciesInvestments in swallow's nests
20.PT Rofiq Hanifah Sukses/RHS Group/Penyertaan Modal BishamBlitar, East Java

Trade supplier, motorbike and umrah (minor haj) arisan—a small-scale rotating savings association


21.PT Maju Aset IndonesiaBatamAsset investment


The Investment Alert Task Force also urges the public to beware of Bitcoin or virtual currency offers, which are all the rage now. Virtual currency is not a regulated financial investment instrument.

"Virtual currency trading is a rather speculative venture due to its high-risk nature. Some entities that offer the virtual currency do not serve as marketplaces but instead simply promising high returns for customers who buy it," Tongam said.

He added that Bank Indonesia also stated that virtual currency could not be used as a medium of exchange.

Further, the Investment Alert Task Force informed that the Coordinating Investment Board (BKPM) had announced that three entities were granted temporary business license for direct sales (SIUPL), namely PT Trima Sarana Pratama (C-PRO), PT Unionfam Azaria Berjaya/ Azaria Amazing Store, and PT Talk Fusion Indonesia. Their business activities, based on their business licenses:

1.    PT Trima Sarana Pratama (C-PRO), through direct sales channel, sells the following herbal products: Diagre, R.S Sinov, Pla Nature, Chol Herb, Pro-L, Trimajus and Puspita Radja. In compliance with its business license, PT Trima Sarana Pratama (C-PRO) cannot offer any home ownership programs.

2.    PT Unionfam Azaria Berjaya/ Azaria Amazing Store, through direct sales channel, sells the following products: Azaria Ginseng Body Moisturizer, Azaria Ginseng Natural Bar Soap, Azaria Ginseng Liquid Moisturizer, Mevrouw Whitening Serum, Mevrouw Whitening Body Wash, Mevrouw Whitening Hand Ana Body Lotion, Mevrouw Beauty Water, and Mevrouw Beauty Peeling Spray.

3.    PT Talk Fusion Indonesia, through direct sales channel, sells the following products: Talk Fusion Video Mail, Talk Fusion Video Newsletter, Talk Fusion Sign Up Form, Talk Fusion Live Meeting, and Talk Fusion Video Chat.

Concerning follow-up to public complaints against some Talk Fusion associates, it has been handed to the National Police's Criminal Investigation Department (Bareskrim Polri).

The Task Force urges the public to always be cautious when spending their money. It warns the public not to be lured by offers that promise high profits without considering the risks that they will bear.

The Investment Alert Task Force has taken ongoing preventive actions by disseminating information and providing public education to save the public from losing their money in illegal investments.

Public participation is essential, especially by not getting involved in any activities conducted by such entities and filing immediate reports to the authorities upon receiving ludicrous investment offers. The Task Force was able to deal with this issue owing to the support from the public who had filed their reports or complaints.

Further, the Investment Alert Task Force recommends the public to take the following precautions before investing their money:

  1. Make sure the companies that offer investment products have licenses from the competent authorities and the licenses are relevant to their business activities.
  2. Make sure the parties who offer investment products have permits to do so or, are registered as marketing partners.
  3. Make sure that any logo of government agency or institution, which is found in the promotional media, has been listed there in compliance with the laws.

To find a list of companies that have no license from the competent authorities, please access the Investor Alert Portal at

Anyone who finds suspicious investment offers may consult with, or report such offers to OJK Consumer Care by calling 1 500 655 or sending an e-mail to or


For more information:

Tongam L. Tobing

Investment Alert Task Force Chairman/OJK Investigation Policy and Support Director

Tel: +62 21 2960 0000, E-mail: Website:


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