Press Release: OJK Wins Best Wealth Reporting, Gratification Control Awards from KPK

Dec 12 2017
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SP 107/DHMS/OJK/XII/2017



Jakarta, December 12, 2017. The Financial Services Authority (OJK) won two awards from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) for best official wealth reports (LHKPN) administration and best gratification control  in 2017 under the Ministries and Agencies category.

It was the second time the OJK received the best gratification control award, having been presented with the same recognition in 2016.

Financial Services Authority Commissioner for Internal Audit and Risk Management Ahmad Hidayat received both awards from KPK Deputy Chairpersons Basaria Pandjaitan and Alexander Marwata at the 2017 International Anti-Corruption Day Commemoration in Jakarta, on Tuesday (Dec. 12).

Corruption Eradication Commission Chairman Agus Rahardjo explained in his opening remarks that the KPK presented these awards to state officials and agencies that were highly committed to supporting corruption prevention efforts through their compliance with gratification and wealth reporting (LHKPN) requirements.

"The awards are tokens of appreciation for their excellent efforts to work together with the KPK to eradicate corruption in our beloved country," Agus said.

In his statement, Ahmad Hidayat said that since the beginning, the OJK had committed to implementing good corporate governance in order to become a role model for the financial services industry.

The Authority's commitment has been put into action, including implementation of anti-gratification programs, setting up the Gratification Control Unit, and developing OJK's whistle-blowing system (WBS OJK), which is a facility for submitting, managing, and following up reports on alleged violations committed by OJK insiders.

In addition, the OJK also requires all employees, from staff to top-level officials, to submit the LHKPN. The requirement is an extension of LHKPN reporting responsibility, in compliance with the latest KPK regulation.

"OJK leaders and staff are very serious about upholding the anti-corruption culture and emphasizing integrity and governance in carrying out all of our duties, as we aspire to become a highly capable and credible authority, for the purpose of better financial services industry," Ahmad said.

Ahmad believed the KPK awards would motivate the OJK to continue developing the anti-corruption system and culture at each working unit, at all OJK offices.

To access OJK WBS, please go to or send an e-mail to, or PO BOX ETIK JKT 10000 (air mail).




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