Press Release: OJK Renews The List of Companies That Are Not under OJK`s Authority

Nov 14 2014
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Financial Services Authority, Jakarta, November 14, 2014: Financial Services Authority (OJK) emphasizes that the list of companies released on November 7, 2014 is regarding 262 companies that have gained licenses from several authorities. This does not mean that those companies have committed illegal activities. OJK is not in the capacity to state that those companies are committing such activities.

However, OJK asks the society to keep cautious, rational and be careful in responding to every investment offer with characteristics as mentioned in the published press release. The press release says that there are 44 companies that have gained licenses from ministries or institutions like Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Ministry, Trade Ministry, Futures Exchange Supervisory Board (Bappebti), Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) and Law and Human Rights Ministry.

OJK will routinely update the data contained in OJK`s website with information resulted from reliable sources, Vigilant Investment Task Force`s coordination, OJK`s follow-up investigation, and information from other authorities so that society can still get information about legality from related authorities. OJK gained information that ministries or institutions that have given licenses to the companies listed in OJK`s published press release are currently conducting careful study in order to make sure that the companies run their activities according to the prevailing laws.

Apart from that, OJK has also received explanation from a number of companies listed in the November 7, 2014 press release. OJK has informed the explanation to related institutions. OJK calls business players to put information about legality of their businesses in each offering document, both in print or online, in order to give easiness to society in checking information to authoritative institutions. Furthermore, OJK coordinates proactively with related institutions so that implementation of fostering and supervision is carried out effectively in accordance with respective institution`s authority, in a bid to prevent potential major disadvantages regarding irresponsible investment offers.


For more information:
Anto Prabowo
Director of Policy Development in Education and Consumer Protection, OJK 
Phone: 021-500655 Email:

Luthfy Zain Fuady
Director of Investigation, OJK
Phone: 021-83707800

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