Press Release: OJK Launches Mobile Investment Gallery Program

May 17 2016
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Financial Services Authority, Jakarta, May 17, 2016: Financial Services Authority (OJK) and Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) launched Mobile Investment Gallery, a pilot project that involves some pioneering securities companies and universities, in Jakarta on Tuesday (May 17, 2016). Mobile Investment Gallery is a facility that people can use to help them know more about capital market thus get better comprehension theoretically. It also gives opportunity to society to do simulation of real-time investment transactions.

Prior to the launching, PT BEI in cooperation with some universities and securities companies has placed Investment Gallery in various campuses. Until early May 2016, about 180 investment galleries have operated in colleges throughout Indonesia, with four of them are of Sharia Investment Gallery.

So far, activities at the investment galleries are only focused on serving college students, whereas people of general society, who are also potential investors needing to know and understand about products and services in capital market sector, have not been optimally approached. Therefore, in an effort to improve literacy and financial inclusion in capital market, OJK initiated to encourage securities companies and PT BEI to revitalize the existing functions of Investment Gallery so that it can be more proactive and reach members of society living around campuses through a program called Mobile Investment Gallery.

Member of OJK Board of Commissioners for Education and Consumer Protection Kusumaningtuti S. Soetiono expected that, with the activation of Mobile Investment Gallery in giving education and socialization to members of society around campuses, their knowledge and understanding about products and services in capital market sector can be improved. More importantly, investment in capital market has been made easier for society.

OJK and PT BEI launched Mobile Investment Gallery pilot project in Jakarta. The first gallery was launched on May 17, 2016 at Jagakarsa district administration office, under OJK’s cooperation with, Pancasila University and PT Sucorinvest Central Gani as the party that manages Investment Gallery previously placed at the university. The launching event involved around 200 participants from societies living in Jagakarsa district, including civil servants of village administration offices, high school teachers and management of cooperatives operating in the district. The second launching event of Mobile Investment Gallery will be held on May 26, 2016, under OJK’s cooperation with Bunda Mulia University and PT MNC Securities. The second launching event will invite around 50 participants from management and employees of PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol. Furthermore, the Mobile Investment Gallery pilot project will be developed in other existing investment galleries located at some universities.

Subjects to be provided in the pilot project are, among others, introduction to various products in capital market, tips on investing in capital market and cautions for members of society to always be aware of illegal investment offers.


For more information:


Anggar B. Nuraini

Deputy Commissioner for Education and Consumer Protection, Financial Services Authority.

Phone: 021-29600000 or 1-500-655


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