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Jun 5 2023


Various services and information are provided by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) to improve public literacy in the financial sector, to protect consumers and to comply with disclosure information.  The OJK services and information as follow:

NoServices And InformationObjects
1Aplikasi Portal Perlindungan Konsumen (APPK)
An application for Consumer Complaints and Public Protection in the Financial Services Sector.
WhatsApp Service Kontak OJK 157
An assistance channel for consumer complaints and public protection in the Financial Services Sector on WhatsApp.
3Permohonan Informasi Debitur (iDeb) SLIK OJK
An assistance channel for individual or business entities to request debtor information.
4Whistle Blowing System (WBS) OJKA platform to submit, manage, and act on violation allegations report carried out by OJK internal staff.
5Information Management and Documentation Officer (PPID) OJK 
Public information provision service through information and documentation officer (PPID).
6Learning Management System (LMS) Edukasi Keuangan OJKIndependent and Integrated Financial Education and Training System.
7Visit OJK
OJK services to the public to increase public literacy.
8Field Work Practice Program
Internship Program for university and college students.
9Student Research
Research, final assignments, thesis, or dissertations conducted by students using OJK's information.
10List of Licensed Online Loans at OJKList of fintech peer-to-peer lending providers or fintech lending (online loans) licensed at OJK.
11List of Unlicensed Investment
List of unlicensed online investment and lending entities.
12List of Regulations in the Financial Services Sector
List of Financial Services Authority Regulations (POJK) and Financial Services Authority Circular Letters (SEOJK).
13Sistem Informasi Ketentuan Perbankan Online (SIKePO)Banking provisions search applications that users can access online.
14Gerbang Elektronik Sistem Informasi Keuangan Digital (GESIT)Information and communication media between the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and the Digital Financial Innovation Industry (IKD).​

​The Financial Services Authority’s information​ procurement system managed by the Logistics Department of OJK. SIPROJEK is a portal and meeting ground of the OJK and business players.
The official YouTube Channel of the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Social Media of Financial Services Authority (OJK)

Instagram of OJK (@ojkindonesia)
Twitter of OJK (@ojkindonesia)
​Facebook of OJK (official.ojk)
TikTok of OJK (ojk_indonesia)

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