OJK dan World Bank Gelar Indonesia Pension Conference di Jakarta

Apr 21 2017


Indonesia Pension Conference:

25 Years of Pension Savings – Way forward for next Quarter Century



Prior to Law No. 11 of 1992 was launched, there were not many Indonesian who understood the benefit of the pension program covering their retirement, as most people considered their families as their 'retirement fund'. 25 years after the Law was initiated, the number of Indonesia working people who understand and are aware of the need to have a pension plan is still quite limited. Based on data released by the FSA in the 2016 Pension Fund Yearbook, the number of Indonesian workers who have a pension is only around 6% - a very small number when compared with other developing countries in Southeast Asia.

The roll out the Social Security Act in 2004, which introduced the pension insurance program through BPJS Employment, was one effort to improve employees' welfare in Indonesia, for both full and part timer workers.

However, the presence of pensions as a mandatory program for employees also raised some challenges, particularly among employers. Many companies assumed that their own insurance programs were sufficient and are not very enthusiastic regarding the BPJS Employment program, given another regulatory framework was introduced.


Purpose and Objective

The 25th anniversary of the Law on Pension Funds provides the opportunity for all the relevant stakeholders to come together and evaluate the current state of the pension system in Indonesia, and to consider measures to improve the system going forward. Consideration will be given as to how to synergize pension plans with other welfare programs for all workers, so that these programs can be implemented in harmony and are able to provide the support which all workers will need when they are elderly.


Schedule & Venue

April 25 – 26, 2017 at Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta.

8 (eight) booths are available as showcase pension funds in Indonesia.



Opening Remarks

  • Rahmat Waluyanto (OJK) 
  • Christopher Juan Costain, The World Bank
  • Ambassador Peter MacArthur, The Embassy of Canada

Session 1: Evaluation Pension System – Indonesia Contex

Speaker :

Moderator :  Steven Tanner  Bio - Steven Tanner.pdf

Session 2: Delivering Pension and Saving Scheme Coverage to the Informal Sector

Speaker :

Moderator :  Iene Muliati - World Bank   Bio - Iene Muliati.pdf

Session 3:  Fiscal and Other Incentives for Pension and Saving Schemes

Speaker :

Moderator :  Halim Gunawan   Bio - Halim Gunawan.pdf



Session 4: Harmonization in Regulatory Framework for Pension and Savings – Mandatory vs Voluntary

Speaker :

Moderator :  Moch. Muchlasin  Bio - Moch. Muchlasin.pdf

Session 5: Governance for Public and Private Pension Schemes

Speaker :

Moderator :  Nur Hasan Kurniawan  Bio - Nur Hasan Kurniawan.pdf

Session 6: Challenges and Issues in Managing Investment of Mandatory and Voluntary Pension Scheme

Speaker :

Moderator :  Ketut Ariadi Kusuma - World Bank   Bio - Ketut Ariadi Kusuma.pdf


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