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Press Release: Basel Committee Finds Indonesia Has Excellent Banking Regulations
December 13, 2016

These results prove that Indonesia's banking regulations have complied with the prevailing international banking standards. The grades are expected to increase public trust in the country's banking operation.

Press Release: OJK Launches Book Titled "Understand and Avoid" to Curb Banking Crimes
November 14, 2016

Financial Services Authority held information dissemination event on "Addressing Alleged Banking Crimes" and an Anti-Fraud Forum and launched a book titled "Understand and Avoid" (Understanding and Avoiding Banking Crimes).

Press Release: OJK Summons Singaporean Banks Regarding Tax Amnesty
September 21, 2016

OJK summoned Singapore-affiliated banks to seek clarification on information that banks in the city-state had reported to the local police about Indonesians who repatriated their funds in order to comply with the tax amnesty program.

Press Relase: OJK Signs Bilateral Agreement with Malaysian Central Bank
August 1, 2016

The Financial Services Authority has established a bilateral cooperation with the Malaysian Central Bank as part of the Asean Banking Integration Framework implementation.

Press Release: OJK Issues Regulation on Integrated Investment Management System
July 29, 2016

The Financial Services Authority has issued the Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 28/POJK.04/2016 on Integrated Invesment Management System.

Press Release: OJK Revokes BPR Mustika Utama Kolaka’s Business License
June 20, 2016

The bank was put under special supervision status due to mismanagement that had made its financial performance fall below the standards set by the prevailing provisions.

Press Release: OJK Encourages BPDs to Enhance Contribution to Regional Economy
May 23, 2016

In order to improve comprehension, commitment from BPD management and support from BPD stakeholders in implementing BPD Transformation program, OJK held a seminar themed Transforming BPDs to Enhance Regional Economic Development.

Press Release: OJK Offers Incentive to Banks to Push for Lower Interest Rates
May 2, 2016

OJK will soon issue a regulation on requirements for opening branch offices by lowering the minimum amount of core capital allocation for banks that can increase their efficiency.​

Press Release: OJK Enhances Regional Cooperation with Bank of Thailand
March 31, 2016

OJK enhanced regional cooperation through signing of Letter of Intent with Bank of Thailand on both institutions' agreement on the preparation of bilateral agreement as an implementation of ABIF between Indonesia.

Press Release: OJK Encourages Banks to Optimize Digital Services
March 17, 2016

OJK encouraged banking industry to optimize applying digital banking suited to society's needs as it is believed to be able to enhance efficiency in banking operation.

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